This device is the result of years of research and development , with innovative tecnhical features and a sophisticated design that result in a supreme product.

Handcrafted perfection !

The unique experience of PARTTEAM GROUP & OEMKIOSKS in kiosks developing is crucial to get a product extremely beautiful and with a high level of finishing.

Despite all of the high technology used in the manufacture of FLYCOIN, one of the secrets to achieve a product with as high aesthetic rigor, is all finishes are performed manually.

It was a challenge to develop a kiosk with many features and capabilities and have a very small footprint.

technical features

FLYCOIN can integrate technology that makes life easier and more convenient for consumers around the world by making it simpler to make transactions, exchange digital money and content, and connect electronic devices with a single touch.

  • Tablet or PC based
  • QR Code Scanner
  • Thermal Printer
  • Bill Validator (dispenser as option)
  • Webcam or IP camera (optional)
  • Any OS (Windows, Android, Linux, etc.)
  • The Brain - Remote Control (optional)
  • Fingerprint scanner (optional)
  • Credit Card reader & Pinpad (optional)
  • Security Pinpad Access control (optional)
  • Proximity sensor (optional)
  • NFC reader (optional)
  • Barcode Scanner (optional)
  • Wired or Wireless conection (as option - wireless, Gsm)
  • Choose any RAL color
  • Small footprint (aprox. 350x400x300mm )