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We are a kiosk manufacturer company

Having started its activity in 2000, based in Portugal, PARTTEAM GROUP & OEMKIOSKS operates in several areas, including multimedia interactive systems, industrial production, graphic design and advertising, engineering and telecommunications, web based applications development, software development, etc.

We are a leading provider and manufacturer of multimedia and interactive kiosks, digital signage billboards and totems, serving all kind of industries as banking and insurance, industry manufacturers, education, tourism and hospitality, sport and leisure, telecommunications, public government, logistics and transports, aviation, shopping and retail, advertising, marketing and experiences, museums, exhibitions, construction, real state and others.

We know that success of a company is actually connected to a strategic plan, that approach citizens to digital technologies, promoting experiences and sharing, and thats why all company divisions participate and interact with each other so that a global harmony is achieved in every product or service develop by our company.

We make premium kiosks because ... we are a kiosk manufacturer.

You can go to our official company website for a global presentation of our business, our products and all our portfolio

Reliabilty & Perfection
PARTTEAM GROUP | OEMKIOSKS selected a set of production lines, mostly with the Quality System Management certification according to ISO 9001:2008

To guarantee the maximum quality and precision of our equipments, our qualified tecnhical team assemblies every component and product in our facilities, and quality tests are performed before delivering to the client. We pride ourselves on producing equipment that most finishing is done by hand, achieving unprecedented accuracy.

State of the art design

Our engineers and designers have taken care to create solutions which in addition to innovative technology represents a distinctive mark in regard to the design, usability and ergonomics. We develop kiosks, totems and digital signage solutions (hardware and software) that can maximize the return of investment of our clients.

fast prodution times

With more than 15000 thousands of designs, we have a refined process of kiosk development and our in-house fabrication together with other manufacturing production lines allow us to leverage our resources, creating a flexible manufacturing capability that enables fast response to low or high volumes.

Experience & Technological Capability

Several years has passed since our first kiosk production, and we are proud to continue manufacturing high quality equipments for indoor and for outdoor. We have more than 100 standard models and in some cases we are in the 7th generation of our kiosk models, and each one an improvment on the last generation.

Bespoke & Custom Engineering

Our in-house tecnhical and product design departments are able to develop any bespoke equipment with custom design to fit the demands of each customer and each specific project.

Our history

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2000 • 2014

The professionalization and continuous training of employees, monitoring the work environment, checking the satisfaction of employees, suppliers and customers is a process that is continually in practice.


Our success is only possible due to the highly qualified team, partners and distributors that works with us worldwide to fulfil the requests and demands of the market and high technologically demanding projects. Our mission is the development of products and services geared to consumers and to contribute to the creation of technological and industrial innovation, in order to create technological tools that facilitate and expedite the tasks of any individual adopting and enhancing practice social responsibility to achieve the objectives.

loyalty project

The IKEA (Cyprus),  with 238 stores in 34 countries (specialized in low cost household furniture), chose our Thin kiosk for customer self-service registration to IKEA Family program with immediate loyalty card issuing.


One of the largest and advanced transactional kiosk networks, placed throughout all Czech Republic. We are proud to be the company selected to design, develop and produce this kiosks for Czech distributor.

ticketing project

One of the biggest people and goods transportation companies in Spain choose our company to develop and produce kiosks for ticketing system. New kiosk with credit card system was developed for this particular project.


59 interactive multimedia kiosks for 3 new shopping centers located in Europe. WINGS billboard model with double sided display,Tembu for interactive directories and Duplex kiosks were installed.